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Who Are We?

Astra Faces is a unique aesthetic clinic & training academy. We are leading specialists, and one of the first ever in the UK, for Non-Surgical Liquid BBL (Butt/Hip Fillers) and offer a wide range of advanced injectable treatments at our clinic including lip, face & body dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections (botox), mesotherapy, skin boosters, fat dissolving, B12 vitamin injections & many more. Our clinic is located in Hainault/Chigwell and is just a minute’s walk from Hainault central line station. 

What is the meaning behind the name?


Astra Faces is the name that Chloé created whilst on maternity leave with her amazing son, Wolf. She made the decision to leave Chloé's Beauty Boutique in 2021 shortly after giving birth as she wanted to focus her energy onto being a full time SUPERMOM (still doing her regular & some new clients a few days a week at the clinic). As Wolf was quickly starting to grow up and fast approaching 18 months old, Chloé decided she wanted to completely rebrand and come back with a BANG! Continuously working hard on how she could diversify her brand and make it unique, she decided she wanted her brand to not only represent more of her personality and identity, but also her spiritual beliefs. 


Being a spiritualist and wanting to incorporate her spiritual practices and personality into her brand, Chloé wanted a name that would represent this and also with hopes to diversifying and branching off into holistic health & spiritual healing ie 'Astra Retreat'. This is where she came up with 'Astra Faces', originally deriving from the phrase "ad astra" meaning "to the stars" in Latin, Chloé felt this was the perfect name to represent her brand!

After coming up with the name Astra Faces and falling in love with it along with the rest of the creative ideas she had planned for the relaunch, she also remembered that one of her sister's tattoos reads "Per aspera ad astra" meaning "through hardships to the stars" which then confirmed the name for Chloé as she felt it was literally written in the stars. 


'Reach for the stars, everything is possible!'


Meet our CEO & BO$$ BABE


Chloé Hennessey is the founder and head practitioner here at Astra Faces and has been a qualified beauty therapist since 2012 with over 10+ years experience in the beauty & aesthetics industry. A highly skilled and experienced aesthetic practitioner and an absolute PERFECTIONIST, Chloé creates life changing results leaving her clients feeling extremely happy and confident within themselves. Our clients come from far and wide across the world to have treatments done by Chloé at Astra Faces and the transformative yet natural looking results show why!  

Chloé has changed many lives by working her magic and eliminating any insecurities that our clients may have about their appearance and ensuring that each individual feels confident within themselves by making subtle tweaks and enhancements whilst still achieving very natural looking results.

In addition to being a celebrity injector & educator, Chloé is also a social media influencer and personality that has been featured and worked alongside with many supporters on her Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and TikTok Platforms.


Train with the best

We also offer CPD accredited training courses and masterclasses at our academy Astra Faces Academy for those wanting to start a career in beauty/aesthetics or enhance their skills to be the best in the game! Learn aesthetics from scratch on our Fast Track to Aesthetics course with no previous experience required!

For more info on the services that we offer, please view our list of treatments or contact us.

All bookings are to be made via our online booking system.

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Join our team!

We are always on the lookout for passionate and talented individuals to join our team. To apply for any position, please contact us at


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